UASoE (UAS over Ethernet)

All of our systems are developed with easy integration and flexibility in mind. That's why all of our systems are using IP-based communication.

In the IP-based networks all components of the system can communicate with each other. This enables a huge potential of high-performance real-time data collection, handling and sharing.


EMCI (Electro Mechanical Communication Interface) is developed and patented by Pohjonen Group. EMCI is revolutionary payload mount for unmanned aircraft systems, which enables easy and secure attachment of different sensors and modules without any additional tools.

EMCI offers standardized mechanical and electrical interface between the aircraft and the connected module. All EMCI integrated payloads are interchangeable between aircrafts equipped with EMCI.

Fleet Control

Our centralized control server enables you to fly up to 250 UAVs at the same time. Fleet control solution has back-end server and a web browser based user interface. Control server could be integrated for example to your Control Room systems.

Portable Airport

Pohjonen Group's subsidiary, Portable Airport Ltd. has created Airport concept for the UCAs. Portable Airport is a small and modular micro airport.

The first Portable Airport is under construction in Karstula, Central Finland. The first airport area is used as a research environment for small and medium sized cargo UAVs and other unmanned systems as well as automated logistic solutions.