System Research and Development Services

Would you like to have drone with your own brand, designed for you from ground-up? Let us make your ideas fly!


Complex systems are our passion. Our professional team can create totally new system from ground-up to real product. We provide custom design services for our customers who are looking for some special platform or would like to get an aircraft with their own brand.

Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss more about your flying ideas.


Customization and redesign of the existing systems is trivial for us. We also do modifications to customers' unmanned systems.

EMCI™ integration

EMCI™ – Electro Mechanical Communication Interface – is revolutionary payload fastening for smart vehicles and platforms. EMCI™ is available for sensor manufacturers, integrators and other UAV designers.

We can help you to integrate your payload or make integration on your behalf.

Life cycle management

We provide Life Cycle Services for our professional UAV flying customers. Our highly skilled experts make desired modifications and repair even very demanding structures such as carbon fiber frames.


3D Modeling

CFD Design

Computational fluid dynamics and performance simulations

Software delevopment

Embedded development

PCB Design

PCB Prototyping

Manufacturing tool design

Structure design

Rapid prototyping

Plastic forming

3D printing

Plastic vacuum forming


Production line design and machine modernization
Logic controlled systems
Maintenance and consultation
Machine vision solutions
Industrial robot applications

Robot programming

Industrial robot applications
Maintenance and consultation
Machine vision solutions