Cutting-edge unmanned systems for professional use and security purposes

Our solutions improve level of automation of unmanned vehicles and increase
of unmanned systems for valuable data collection and handling.

Command & Control (C2)

C2 solutions for demanding VLOS (Visual Line Of Sight) and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) operations.

Our Centralized Control Server solution enables you to fly a fleet of UAVs from your Control room. Portable control station is a field toolkit that allows you to fly the fleet where ever you are.


Reliable, high performance fixed-wing and multirotor aircraft. High payload capacity, long flight time and capability of operating in harsh conditions form the starting point for our designs.

EMCI™ (Patent pending)

EMCI (Electro Mechanical Communication Interface) – Revolutionary payload mount for unmanned aircraft systems, which enables easy and secure attachment of different sensors and modules without any additional tools.

EMCI offers standardized mechanical and electrical interface between the aircraft and the connected module. All EMCI integrated payloads are interchangeable between aircraft equipped with EMCI mounting.


Pohjonen Group provides several payloads integrated to EMCI™ payload connector.

  • EO+IR sensor gimbals
  • EO sensor gimbals with different kind of optics
  • IR sensor gimbals with different kind of optics
  • Possibility to integrate third party sensors.